Film (Partial List)

Christine                    Supporting        Antonio Campos

Runaway Ren             Co-Starring        Zackary Johnson/FSU Grad Program

*Expressions               Co-Starring        Parthi Shanmugam                                                                                                                                  *selected for Court Metrange Cannes Film Festival

Big Losers                    Supporting        Dwayne Boyd/Radiant3,WagDog

The Torch                     Supporting        Jack Spradling/N. GA Filmmakers

Deception                     Lead                  Peter Uko/Dunn-P Productions

Forget Me Not              Supporting        Matt Heacock/Nocturne Films

Two Girls and a Guy     Lead                 James Elasmar/It's a Flick

TV/New Media

Dream: The Urban Musical     Supporting     Theshay West

A Loving Home                        Starring           Theshay West


What Eyes Can See           Small Girl Little Bird                    Atlanta Theater-to-Go, Atlanta, GA

The History of the Devil     Nancy Kyle/Mary Anne Clark     Coup de Theatre, Atlanta, GA

The Diary of Anne Frank     Margot                                        Renaissance Project, Decatur, GA

Crimes of the Heart             Chick                                            Rosewater Theater, Roswell, GA

The Crucible                        Betty Parris/Sarah Good            The Mable House, Mableton, GA

Ragny Botz                           Whirgle                                       Onstage Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Della's Diner                         Ramona                                      Onstage Atlanta, Atlanta, GA


Michael Cole - On-camera Acting, Decatur, GA

Rob Mello -  Meisner Technique, Decatur, GA

Kristen Shaw - On-camera Acting, Atlanta, GA

Special Skills

yoga, golf, tennis, running, swimming, bowling, improv, Southern

accent, tarot card reader, animal lover, babysitter, and ability to look busy

whenever my boss comes around