ADR on The Demon's Rook

The Demon's Rook I haven't written yet in 2013, but I've already had some really great acting experiences this year.  One was being called in to do ADR (additional dialogue recording) on The Demon's Rook. I've never done ADR before until Demon's Rook, but it was a fun yet challenging experience.  I was basically recording my lines but trying to match them to my same performance that we filmed last summer.  So they would play the scene I was in, and I was recording my voice to dub myself basically.  It was funny because for a second I thought, I can't do this, which is insane because what, I can't do my own voice..ha!  We did multiple takes, and I thought it was hysterical for them to be like "Could you be more you?"  So basically being the same you - can sometimes be hard.. but funny and fun! Also, I got a few sneak peeks at this film and it looks amazing!  Their film quality was outstanding - so kudos to them.  I will repost when you can see the film.. somewhere..