How to be an extra in movies/tv in Atlanta

I was recently an extra on the Tyler Perry tv show, Meet the Browns.  Go here and pay very close attn to :10 seconds in and stop looking at :12 seconds.. person in far back wheelchair. HA! If you actually watch the episode, I have some great obvious moments when I'm sitting in the lobby.  There's a lot of extra work in Atlanta, and it's so easy to get involved if you want to be on a big Hollywood set or get a glimpse of your fav star. Basically - you just follow the extras casting groups on facebook (Acme Casting Atlanta, Extras Casting Atlanta, Last Looks Casting) and when they send out a need for people send them an email with your picture. It doesn't have to be a professional actor headshot, just a snapshot with just you in the picture. You do not have to be an actor or have any experience to be an extra. You're just the background to movie scenes. The people walking in the park behind Tom Cruise sitting on the bench talking to Penelope Cruz or you're a patron at a restaurant. Some people luck out and get spotlighted where you really see them in the film but 80% of the time you won't really be seen.. So hopefully you didn't think it was your way in to becoming the next Sandra Bullock.

Oh wait around... A LOT! So bring a book, your iPod, get to know the other extras.. Some times you aren't even used. But you will get the experience of being on set and eating some yummy catered food. PLUS - you get paid!  Depending on the project, it ranges from about $60-$100/day.

AND.. if you've ever been an extra, you have to see the tv show "Extras."  (great clip here) Hilarious and so relatable!