Cast in The History of the Devil!

As I was hanging out with my theater folks, I realized I only did one play this year. The ongoing production of Tobacco, Lemonade, and Crowder Peas with Atlanta Theater-to-Go and my one day appearance in the 24 Hour Play Festival. Anywho.. I thought I should return to the stage. I love performing on stage. It's like there's this whole artistic world there, like an old art, that's so wonderful to be a part of. So with that being said I auditioned and got cast in Coup de Theatre's upcoming production of The History of the Devil by Clive Barker. clive-barker

Yes, Clive Barker - the mastermind that brought us Hellraiser aka Pinhead and the scary movie Candy Man which to this day I am still slightly uncomfortable in all bathrooms. I will be playing the roles of Nancy Kyle, Mary Anne Clarke, and Sonneillon. Plus my good friends Jim Dewberry and Casie Holloway will be sharing the stage together and new actors whom I'm excited to meet. Rehearsals start at the end of this month with performances the end of January to beginning of February.