"Acting Class" Web series/ TV pilot

Last Sunday, I participated in Alan Heckner's new project called "Acting Class" which he is producing as a web series. It was a very funny script with a great cast. In fact, I found out about this project through my counter part from Tobacco, Lemonade, and Crowder Peas - Dennis Coburn. Plus, in Atl, it's hard not to run into actors you've worked with before which was the case here. I hadn't seen Charlie since we were both monsters in Onstage's Ragny Botz and the Bedtime Monsters. I had also recently met Casey at the big Jack Squad 2 auditions - which I just found out I landed a great part from that audition. More on that in the future. But I loved this group. Alan is the most energetic director and being an actor himself - he knew exactly what he wanted from us. I can't wait to see this! acting