Atlanta Theater to Go: Tobacco, Lemonade, and Crowder Peas

This year I have been an actor with Atlanta Theater to Go in the production  Tobacco, Lemonade, and Crowder Peas.  Our one act is about a NC tobacco farming family - life on the farm and my strong desire to move to the city.  Atl Theater to Go is a traveling theater group with different one act plays that go to many retirement communities, churches, synagogues, art festivals.. So far we've really only been to lots of different retirement communities.  Very different experience for me.  But it's been great.

I love our cast - they're great actors and people.. AND our director is the awesome, amazing Adriana Warner.  I secretly always wanted to work with her.  She's so talented, kind, and someone I've truly learned from. 

Here's a pic. the theater director, Sondra, took.

Pat Smith (Ma),  Dennis Colburn (Al aka: Pa), Patty Meredith (Stage Manager), Garrett Mann (Al Jr. - my bro), me (Jenny), Sebastian Daskawicz-Davis (Homer - my love interest)

Go visit your grandparents or adopt some at your local retirement community and you might just be able to catch our show!