Pics from 24 Hour Play Festival

So I have successfully finished my first 24 Hour Play Festival. It was alot of fun - but I was very nervous too. I have never had a performance that went from beginning to end in less than 8 hours. I recommend participating in this festival to any actor out there to keep you fresh and on top of your game! I'm really glad I did it. Also - I was in awe of the fabulous scripts that came out of this festival. We've got some very talented playwrights in Atlanta. There are details about this festival in my last entry. I was cast in "Remaking Elaine" written by Raymond Fast and Theroun D'arcy Patterson. My character was Jaelyn who was marrying an older man, meeting his exwife for the first time who I've completely attempted to emulate.

Nicole, Barbara, myself, and our director Elizabeth Cooper

One of the playwrights - Theroun D'arcy Patterson, Nicol, Barbara, me, Elizabeth (missing Jeff and Raymond -- where were you guys?)

The Script