The Blind Side

On Saturday, I was an extra on the new Sandra Bullock movie entitled - The Blind Side - that is currently filming in Atlanta. The scene I was in was a school cafeteria and parking lot shot on Westminster Campus.  The movie is based on a true story about a homeless boy who gets scouted by a local high school sports coach and gets adopted before his 18th birthday by the characters played by Sandy and Tim.  Unfortunetly, Sandra was not in the scene I was in, so I didn't get to see her.  Tim McGraw plays her husband and he was on set.  Also, their on screen daughter played by Lily Collins, daughter of singer Phil Collins, was on set too.  I got to be one of her on screen friend's stand-in because I'm short like her- 5'2". 

It's not kosher to ask for photos with the stars, but I did meet some really cool extras.

The High School Kids: Kathryn, Hartwell, Jason, Me, Ruslan

The saying with being an extra is "Hurry up and wait" - we were still waiting but it's very cool to watch major motion pictures being made