Sofia: Operation Remembrance

We've completed filming the majority of Sofia: Operation Remembrance. I play the role of the Hooded Woman which is Sofia, the first clone 250 years later. Highlights:

*My first experience wearing prosthetic make-up.  Ondie was the best!  She did so much for me that day - including literally giving me the shirt off her back.   It took hours in the make-up chair and some good time getting that glue off my face, but just another experience in the acting book.

*The film set was so cool  - It was this old train depot in Carrollton, GA.. Yeah - def OTP!

*The very professional and friendly crew of Three Green People Productions.

*The very talented and very funny cast- including awesome local actors like: Sara Cooper, Daniel Burnley, Jen Bates, Whitney Sullins, Josh Bentancourt, Erica Sanchez, and others whom I didn't get to work with but I'm sure are just as fab as the rest of 'em.


On set

Chiken (director), me (Hooded Woman), Whitney (older Anya)

On set with Jen Bates (Silver) - she's so cool

Make-up on - make-up artist (Ondie Daniel)

Make-up off