WIFTA helps GPB Drive

Volunteered the other day with WIFTA (Women in Film and Television Atlanta) for the pledge drive to help support GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting).  I'd always seen those volunteers on tv while watch Anne of Green Gable marathons, and it was fun to actually get to do it. Such interesting, nice ladies in that organization too - a great way to volunteer!


Christine debuts as one of the most anticipated films in Sundance Film Festival

So excited that Christine is getting great coverage for its debut at this year's Sundance Film Festival.  Vulture called it one of the 15 most anticipated films. See the article here. Vanity Fair lists it as one of 19 Films that could be Oscar breakouts. See the article here.

So excited to have been part of this film.  Good luck to Christine and all the films at Sundance Film Festival!

24 Hour Plays Festival

What a wild ride!  The Working Title Playwrights hosted their annual 24 Hour Plays Festival on Sunday - where a play is created from writing to onstage performance within 24 hours.  I'm SO glad I did it. I was a little nervous for us, but it came out great.  The audience loved our 10 min play I was in - Summer Camp Abroad (written by David Fisher & Paul Donnelly and directed by Starshine) Highly recommend it to all actors, directors, playwrights and audience members!

 The happy family

The happy family

The Last of Robin Hood

20130223_00323720130222_235354 The Last of Robin Hood starring Susan Sarandon, Kevin Kline, and Dakota Fanning has been shooting in the Atlanta area.. they are actually still shooting for a few more days, but here's the coolest part - they filmed a few scenes at my condo building.  So the whole crew took over our place for 2 days.  The building I live in is from the 1940s and this movie takes place in the '50s.  I did get to briefly meet the stars of the show and because the directors, Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer, are two of the nicest guys I've met in this business, I got a bit part in the film as the receptionist in a posh NYC hotel.  Period pieces may be my new fav films - great costumes, hair, and make-up.

Storyline from IMDb:

The Last of Robin Hood is the true story of Beverly Aadland (Dakota Fanning), a teen starlet who became the last girlfriend of legendary swashbuckler Errol Flynn (Kevin Kline). In 1957, Beverly was working at Warner Brothers studios with a fake birth certificate saying she was 18 -- she was in fact, only 15 -- when she encountered the former matinée idol. After a bumpy start, the two undertook a relationship that was ultimately embraced by Beverly's Hollywood mother Florence (Susan Sarandon), who became a willing third wheel. The affair took them from L.A. to New York to Africa, then to Cuba where Flynn pitched in with the rebels to make a pro-Castro propaganda movie starring Beverly. It all came crashing to an end in Vancouver, however, when Flynn died in Beverly's arms, causing an avalanche of publicity; Florence finally achieved the attention she sought in the form of tabloid notoriety but the chaos drove Beverly to the edge of sanity.

ADR on The Demon's Rook

The Demon's Rook I haven't written yet in 2013, but I've already had some really great acting experiences this year.  One was being called in to do ADR (additional dialogue recording) on The Demon's Rook. I've never done ADR before until Demon's Rook, but it was a fun yet challenging experience.  I was basically recording my lines but trying to match them to my same performance that we filmed last summer.  So they would play the scene I was in, and I was recording my voice to dub myself basically.  It was funny because for a second I thought, I can't do this, which is insane because what, I can't do my own voice..ha!  We did multiple takes, and I thought it was hysterical for them to be like "Could you be more you?"  So basically being the same you - can sometimes be hard.. but funny and fun! Also, I got a few sneak peeks at this film and it looks amazing!  Their film quality was outstanding - so kudos to them.  I will repost when you can see the film.. somewhere..


A mean mom on Demon's Rook

So my friend Thad from UnGodly Experience writes me about this film he was killed in and says I should send the director my headshot/resume.  So - I do and he writes me back and offers me a part in his super creepy movie he's filming "The Demon's Rook."  Check out their website to see the trailer they already made and already have some great reviews on. I play a mom again, but this time a really mean, very impatient mom - or maybe it's just really bad kids.