My motto in life is: I want to experience every good thing.  Well, naturally, that requires a lot of Googling, to figure out what exactly are the best things in life, what’s the best way of acquiring them, and how much they will cost.  I like to be prepared.  As a child, I use to write down what I was going to say before calling someone.  Now as an adult, I mainly just make a lot of to-do lists, vision boards, etc. And I’m very good at crossing things off the list!    

Like right now I can cross off write my bio.

I give off that really intelligent vibe – I think it must be the glasses.. but I mostly just try to look really busy when someone like my boss walks by.  Under my driven, organized persona lays a tender hearted romantic, optimist that loves a happy ending and the newest self-help book.  This is probably why I get cast as the quirky receptionist, creative co-worker, or that best friend that will be sure you know how she feels about the situation.